B*Mitzvah Project

B-Mitzvah Family Text Discussion Cards

Young people of B-Mitzvah age often question the purpose of their life and the kind of impact they want to have on their family, their community, and the world.

18 text-based activities — two on each downloadable card — prompt teens to consider these questions through a Jewish lens, using thought-provoking texts from the Jewish tradition as activators. Each discussion card includes a Jewish text, a prompt for discussion, a chance to share something personal, and an activity.

The cards can serve as a tool for rabbis, other spiritual leaders, and Jewish educators to involve families in B-Mitzvah preparation.

The cards can also promote intergenerational engagement and discussion. Families can explore core Jewish values, share experiences, and connect their own insights to the wisdom of Jewish tradition.

Created by DOROT and the Jewish Grandparents Network, the cards also give grandparents something meaningful to talk about with their teen grandchild. Grandparents can be a guide, helping the grandchild conceptualize and make meaning of challenging texts.

Click HERE for the text discussion cards and a leader’s guide.

Banner photograph courtesy of Pexels