The Tallit Project

How to Facilitate a Tallit Workshop in Your Community

We invite you — rabbi, cantor, educator, and organizational leader — to be our partners in creating B-Mitzvah opportunities for all members of today’s intergenerational Jewish family.

In this three-hour family education program, sixth and/or seventh graders preparing for B-Mitzvah and their family members learn about the meaning and significance of the tallit in Jewish tradition, find creative inspiration, and together make a uniquely personal tallit for the teen’s B-Mitzvah and beyond.

The 20-page How to Facilitate a Tallit Workshop in Your Community offers a road map for synagogues, temples, and other educational and religious institutions to use tallit-making to deepen family bonds by bringing teens, parents, and grandparents together to create the teen’s tallit.

The guide includes

  • Goals of the B-mitzvah family tallit project
  • Timeline, materials, room setup
  • Designing and creating the tallit
  • Tzitzit-tying
  • Blessings and closing ceremony
  • Sample letters to send to families

Download the Tallit Workshop Program Guide